The Collection

The Beau Stock Collection is made up of many items, some of which can be adapted and worn in different ways. All pieces come in a variety of colours and can be requested by emailing

The Hair Slide

A simple way to decorate your hair. One big bold slide can transform a jeans-based outfit, or a suite of slides makes a delicate option for wearing with an evening gown.


Photograph: Janek Mann

Make-up: Paulina Siembor

Model: Danni Menzies (Stolen Agency)


The Brooch

Perfect for a jacket, blazer, hat, cardigan or dress these luxurious brooches can transform a simple outfit.

The Head Tie

The single head tie is a classic Beau Stock piece. It combines a unique flower with complimentary set of textile threads. Worn to the side this classic piece can be worn with everyday clothes or for evening chic.

The Choker

The head tie can be adapted to make a statement piece when worn as a choker. Worn around the neck, the choker will enbolden any look.

The Triple Hair Tie

The triple hair tie is Beau Stock's signature piece. Consisting of three flowers linked with luxurious threads, the long tie can be wrapped around your head multiple times to form a cluster of flowers. Perfect for an everyday hippy feel, with a cocktail dress or as an alternative to a wedding hat, the triple hair tie is guaranteed to get you compliments.

The Multi-wrap necklace

The triple hair tie can also be worn as a statement necklace by wrapping the tie around your neck and arranging the flowers how you wish.

The hipster belt

As well as being a hair accessory and a necklace, this item can also be used as a hipster belt. This is a perfect accoessory to a long floaty summer dress.

The Flower Clasp Necklace

The flower clasp necklace is a striking accessory popular to wear with maxi-dresses or shirts.


The Elastic Flower

The Elastic Flower is a simple, yet classic, elastic headband. A very practical choice.


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